Services Overview

We provide a full spectrum of professional technical services to maximize the value of your investment.

Investing in an advanced business management system presents the same risk as any other type of investment. You want to feel confident in the quality, reliability, and overall value of your investment. In an effort to cultivate that confidence, we provide comprehensive support and services from the time of purchase to after the system installation. Our professional technical support will maximize the value of your investment and give you confidence in your decision.

Data Conversion

Converting to a new business management system from an existing one should not require manual data entry of the business and financial database. Our technical staff works to capture as much of your current data base as possible to ensure your data is converted quickly and accurately.

During the requirements analysis, preliminary information is gathered to determine what, if any, data conversion services are required. This information is gathered at a very high level and becomes the basis for estimating the amount of effort that may be required to accomplish this task. A number of factors affect this estimate including current data format and ability to export data in a readable format, media compatibility, etc.

At the start of the actual implementation process, data conversion requirements are examined in much more detail in order to develop a data conversion plan and better estimate the hours of effort required.

Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and a detailed data conversion plan is developed. Data conversions are generally completed in two steps: a test conversion of a sample of existing data and a final conversion of live data at the time the new system is going to be used live in production. Data conversion results are verified by customer and Blue Moon Industries staff for accuracy and completeness.


A business management system is a significant investment for your organization. To get the full value of this investment, your staff must be properly trained in the system's features and how they apply within your business. We offer a variety of training options including both on-site and classroom training, delivered by skilled, experienced professionals.

Implementation Planning & Management

The implementation of a fully integrated business management system can be a complex undertaking. We provide expert guidance in the definition of a project schedule as well as identification of dependencies and coordination of required resources, both internal and external to your organization.

Each project is assigned a Project Team Leader who is responsible for coordinating the success of the project. An Implementation Plan, complete with all phases and activities of the project, is presented at the official project Kickoff meeting. In addition, throughout the life of the project the Team Leader will:

Software Customization

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides broad features meeting the needs of many users. However, customers often require unique capabilities not currently available for the Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

When a customer needs a unique capability not offered by Microsoft Dynamics GP, Blue Moon works with them to develop high quality software applications to extend their Microsoft Dynamics GP system and meet the demands of their business.


Track the net increase/decrease in the fund balance at the Bond/Lease/Fund Type Level (Three General Ledger segments).


Blue Moon customized the software to allow the selection of multiple segments rather than one for fund balance year-end closing.


General Ledger Year End Close Enhancement

Customer Requirement

The customer needed to extend the functionality of the General Ledger by providing year-end close capabilities at the Bond/Lease and Fund level.


Blue Moon customized a solution allowing the year-end closing to multiple fund balance/retained earnings accounts.


Distribution & Manufacturing

Allocating Backordered Merchandise with Prioritization

Customer Requirement

The customer needed to modify the backorder fulfillment process to match their business workflow. When they received backordered items, they required a method for fulfillment based on priority and quantity considerations.

For example, there were occasions when the customer did not receive enough to fulfill a high priority order, but instead received enough for a low priority order. They needed to fulfill this low priority order with the received merchandise.


Blue Moon modified the process so the oldest backorders were filled first. In cases where the amount backordered is greater than the amount available to resolve the issue, Blue Moon enabled orders with fewer quantities to be filled prior to orders with greater quantities in the system.

Display Shipping Weight and Volume on the Sales Transaction Entry Window

Customer Requirement

The customer required a method for calculating and viewing shipping volumes associated with sales orders.


Blue Moon added additional fields to the Sales Transaction Entry window. These fields calculate and display the shipping volume and shipping weight.


Tracking Sample Allowances

Customer Requirement

The customer needed to track the cost of Sample Allowances in the General Ledger and include the cost of shipping.


Blue Moon provided a setup option to select the default General Ledger account for freight cost at the Sales Order Processing (SOP) document ID level. With the customization in place, when an order is entered the freight account default is set based on the setup at the SOP document ID level. If none exists, the standard GP default is used.


Assign SOP Transaction GL Accounts by both the Customer Class and the Item Class

Customer Requirement

When an item on the Sales Order is a kit, the inventory and cost of goods sold GL account numbers need to come from the component, rather than the finished good item Class/Customer combination.


Blue Moon provided a setup window to assign Sales Order Processing (SOP) GL accounts based on the Customer Class and Item Class. During order processing, the setup table is used to determine the appropriate GL accounts for each line on the sales transaction. The combination of the Customer Class assigned to the customer and the Item Class assigned to the item will produce the correct GL accounts for each line item. If the Sales Order line item is a kit, the customization uses the Item Class/Customer Class combination for the component items to choose the GL accounts.


Track Additional Fields in Customer Maintenance (Distribution)

Customer Requirement

In certain cases, customers need additional information in windows, not available in Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Blue Moon added five fields to the Customer Maintenance and Customer Inquiry windows in order to track additional information.

  • Conduct periodic project review meetings
  • Monitor actual hours against the project budget
  • Assist in the quick resolution of issues
  • Ensure that the customer's critical success factors are met
  • Provide status reports to team members

Technical Support

When a question arises about your new system, you need fast, reliable support to answer it. And you will want to take advantage of new software features as they become available.

We provide a variety of technical support plans designed to meet your organization's needs.

  • Comprehensive Support Plan (CSP)
    • Unlimited telephone support
  • Basic Support Plan (BSP)
    • Telephone support purchased on a per-incident, as needed basis

All plans include periodic software updates. For more information, please contact our Technical Support team at

To see what types of services are covered under these plans please download this document.

Workflow Analysis

The successful implementation of a new system requires a thorough understanding of your current business processes. Our analysis is designed to capture these process details so we can properly tailor the system to meet your needs. We'll identify all potential ways your new system can improve efficiency and information access in your organization.

This task represents the key segment of the implementation process. The project team is defined, the current business methods and procedures are reviewed and new processes are defined, if required. This task is comprised of the following:

  • Orientation of the project team members to the process
  • Examination of current business processes and procedures
  • Define new/revised business processes required
  • Functional analysis/walkthrough